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Therapy that nurtures growth and transformation
through deep exploration.

Finding Your Path...

You've probably been focusing on fixing a particular feeling or symptom, but you may not know what exactly needs to change...just that what you're doing isn't working. You're not happy. You're relationships are suffering and you feel disconnected. You feel pressure to do more and be better and beat yourself up for not being better. You're wanting more from life, but don't know how to get there.
In addition to addressing your symptoms, I can help you find relief and healing at the source of your challenges.
I see myself as a compassionate and curious companion on your journey, helping explore how life events have impacted the way you show up in all aspects of your life and relationships. No matter what you're experiencing, we'll find out how you got here and develop a path forward. By working at the root of your problems, we can do the true work of healing and creating wholeness so that you can experience freedom, joy, and authenticity.
In addition to finding relief from your symptoms, you should expect to: ​​​
  • Manage your emotions more effectively
  • Increase your ability to cope
  • Understand yourself better
  • Increase authenticity and self-compassion
  • Heal attachment wounds
  • Disentangle yourself from unhelpful behaviors and beliefs
  • Heal from trauma
  • Set more effective boundaries
  • Improve your relationships
  • Have a renewed sense of meaning and purpose
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I Often Work With

Perfectionists and people-pleasing behaviors

Outsiders who feel like no one understands them (Black Sheep)

Trauma and difficult events or life circumstances

Life transitions

Young Adults and those facing quarterlife decisions

Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and parenting.

Existential crisis including loss of faith, purpose, career, or loss of a loved one

Anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts

Difficulty making and keeping meaningful relationships

Automatic behaviors that cause problems in life and relationships

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or empaths

Religious trauma including homophobia


Difficult/Painful family dynamics

Deep thinkers and spiritual types.

Check out the pages in the  Services menu to see more details.

Therapy in Los Angeles

-C.G. Jung

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


I love the power of myth and archetypes to demonstrate universal human experiences. When it comes to our inner workings, I think the Sasquatch legend makes a fun metaphor for the unconscious:


There are parts of ourselves lying in the shadows. Like the Sasquatch, we may see evidence of them here and there, but ultimately they are hidden, hard to understand, and often elusive. Sometimes these elements are aspects of our personality that have been subdued to fit into our family or the broader culture, and other times they represent hurts or traumatic events that work to disrupt our lives and our relationships.

Our work in therapy will help you find the Sasquatch within, both the beautiful and the disfigured parts of yourself that need to come into the light of day. Through this endeavor, you will find healing and support to become your true authentic self, experiencing freedom and self-acceptance. With this new knowledge of yourself, you will have greater choice and intentionality in your actions and relationships.



7257 Beverly Blvd, Ste 106

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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