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Motherhood Support Group


A support group for mothers who are experiencing postpartum depression or are struggling to find joy in motherhood. This is a safe space to navigate the complexity of motherhood with authenticity.

Being a mom isn't always what we had hoped for...

While thoughtfully curated Instagram feeds can portray an idealized version of motherhood, most women struggle on some level to keep everything together. The truth is that being a mother is hard, really hard. Most women feel afraid to admit they're struggling. Many women assume that they are the only one who finds motherhood challenging and that something must be wrong with them. But the truth is: you're not a bad mom and you're not alone. In our increasingly individualistic culture, women are expected to find their own way as a mother, which often results in disappointment, overwhelm, shame, or isolation. You need the support of others going through this transition as well as the wisdom of those who have gone before you. We were never meant to do this alone! When you name your feelings in a safe space, like a motherhood support group, you'll release some of the weight you're carrying and will find support on your motherhood journey.


I worked as a birth doula for 15 years prior to becoming a therapist and have supported hundreds of families through this transition. I am also a mother who needed a motherhood support group like this when my children were little. I combine my knowledge of birth, postpartum experiences, and early childhood years with my psychological training to create a nurturing and healing environment for mothers to find their own unique way. In this group, you will have a safe place to:

  • Discuss common postpartum and mothering experiences including, but not limited to: Lack of enjoyment in parenting, feeling trapped, missing your former life, feeling insufficient, feeling overwhelmed, being exhausted, and feeling unsupported.

  • Identify with others who experience similar struggles

  • Process your conflicted feelings

  • Explore practical self-care measures

  • Manage expectations of yourself as a mother

  • Detangle from societal expectations and start to mother more intuitively

  • Navigate your relationships

  • Accept the beauty of being a "Good Enough" mother

A Special Note About Postpartum Mood Disorders and Birth Trauma

It is increasingly common for women to have varying levels of trauma from their birth experiences. There is an expectation that women will bring that pain into their postpartum journey and need a place to process it. These themes will certainly come up in our group but are not the focus of the group. It may be necessary for you to schedule a private birth processing session or two if you need additional support with negative feelings from your birth. Likewise, If you are experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, you may benefit from private sessions or a combination of both group and private sessions. If you are unsure what is right for you, let's set up a time to talk to determine the best path forward.

A Note About Inclusivity

While it is recognized that parents of all types have need for support around parenting, there are moments when specificity is important in ensuring relevance and quality of care. This group is geared toward female presenting individuals that identify as mothers. If you would like resources for queer or trans parenting, please start here and feel free to contact me if you need help locating more specific resources.

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