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Postpartum Counseling to Support the Adjustment to Parenthood.


Therapy for couples and individuals during the adjustment to parenthood.

Parenting is hard...

When you imagined what life would be like with your new baby, you probably pictured those sweet and tender moments of connection and joy accompanied with feelings of fulfillment in your new role. Many people feel nervous about the transition to parenthood, but it’s natural to assume that your competence and skill in the real world would transfer to your role as a parent. As you may have learned, it’s not an easy transition.

Our culture doesn’t provide the true support parents need during this phase of life, nor does it place importance on the journey that a couple undertakes to become a family. Without guidance or experience, it can be an overwhelming, daunting, and lonely road to travel. A traumatic birth, high-needs baby, lack of support, breastfeeding challenges, difficulty bonding, postpartum depression, and/or anxiety can interfere with all of the hopes you had for this time with your new baby, robbing you of your sense of joy and competence as a parent.

Seeking postpartum counseling isn’t a sign of weakness or failure on your part. This is a moment in your life when you are especially vulnerable and our culture fails to set new parents up for success. It doesn’t have to be like this. With the right support, you can begin to thrive and enjoy a satisfying bond with your baby and as a couple. 

I have supported hundreds of families through this transition. 15 years of doula work has made me intimately aware of the variety of experiences families have during the perinatal period. As a therapist, I combine my knowledge of this phase of life with my psychological training to offer specialized postpartum counseling to individuals and families. I create a safe and healing environment to help you:

  • Heal the trauma of a difficult birth.

  • Allay your depression and/or anxiety.

  • Manage intrusive thoughts.

  • Overcome practical obstacles that are creating a sense of overwhelm.

  • Decide if medication is the right choice for you.

  • Transition to your new role as a parent.

  • Reduce shame from a difficult birth and/or adjustment to parenthood.

  • Discover what authentic parenting looks like for you.

  • Connect to your intuition as a parent.

  • Grieve the loss of your former life or the unfulfilled hopes you had for your postpartum journey.

  • Increase communication and connection with your partner.


Most of the time, individuals aren't aware that there are deeper issues contributing to their problems, but there are almost always underlying beliefs or behavioral patterns adopted in response to hurtful or unsafe life circumstances that complicate the way we respond to our circumstances and the people in our lives. When we are able to increase awareness of these underlying issues, we create an opportunity for healing and space to respond intentionally instead of automatically responding and recreating the same patterns or behaviors. Becoming a parent is a powerful transformation and it's normal for some of the unhealed parts of ourselves to be unearthed during this process. Committing to your personal work is a means of breaking generational patterns and allows your children to receive the benefit of a healthy and happy parent.


In-home services are available for an additional fee.

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