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Birth Trauma Counseling to help you move past a difficult birth.


Counseling for individuals and couples who want to move past their difficult birth experience and find joy in their postpartum journey.

Move past the pain...

If you’re feeling stuck in negative feelings about your birth and are struggling to enjoy your new life, there is hope. Sometimes feelings about birth can remain unsettled. Sadness, guilt, pain, regret, or anger can linger for months or even years after the baby is born. It's common to minimize the painful parts your birth experience when you have a healthy baby in the end and know that you should be happy. But, birth counseling isn’t just for births that experienced major trauma. Birth is unpredictable and our lack of control around it makes families uniquely vulnerable. Anything that threatens your sense of safety or connection can be traumatizing, regardless of the outcome. I want you to know that healing is possible.

As a Doula and Childbirth Educator, I’ve walked through the birth journey with hundreds of families and can offer a unique perspective. I understand the complexity of your experience and can provide insight to the medical aspects that occurred during your birth and can help you find a path toward healing. During a birth processing session, I create a safe, non-judgmental space to talk through memories and feelings from birth that have caused you grief and help you make peace with your experience. 

In addition to traumatic events that occur during childbirth, these are some common experiences my birth trauma clients have had: an undesired intervention or outcome, a difficult birth, obstetric violence, a homebirth that transferred to the hospital, a fast birth, or mistreatment by a care provider or loved one. 

EMDR can be a powerful aid in overcoming a challenging birth experience and may be incorporated into our work together, if desired. Watch this video to learn more about EMDR. It is important to note, however, that often folks who are experience traumatic symptoms may tap into a deeper well of hurt during this type of processing. There is no way to anticipate what we will uncover and it's important for you to determine ahead of time if you are able to commit to the work of deeper healing during this time. If you are concerned about this, let's be sure to have a good chat about it before getting started.

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