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Therapy that Adresses the Root of Your Issues


Counseling services for adults, teens, parents, and couples that want to live life to the fullest.

Let's get curious...

Typically my clients are experiencing some combination of the following:

Difficulty coping with events or life circumstances

Feeling weighed down by a general sense of unhappiness and/or anxiety

Difficulty making and keeping meaningful relationships

Automatic behaviors that are causing problems in their lives and relationships

If you can relate to one or more of these experiences and you have decided that you don't want to live like this anymore, you're in the right place. In our work together, we'll start with what's bothering you now and work on clarifying your needs and resolving your distress. As we're attending to your present needs, often unhelpful patterns of thinking or behaving arise and give us clues about what is happening under the surface to complicate your life.


Most of the time, folks aren't aware that there are deeper issues contributing to their problems, but there are almost always underlying beliefs or behavioral patterns adopted in response to life circumstances that complicate the way we respond to our circumstances and the people in our lives. When we are able to increase awareness of these underlying issues, we create an opportunity for healing and space to make choices instead of automatically responding and recreating the same patterns or behaviors. As a result, you'll know yourself better and will increase your sense of self-compassion, while also making choices that feel more authentic and life-giving. I promise you, you will never regret doing this work!

Let's Get Started!


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