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Therapeutic support to wade through the doubts, fears, and hesitations about starting a family. 

Pre-Conception Discernment

Becoming a parent is a big commitment.

It's normal to be a little panicked about the prospect of such an intense commitment. You may feel like the only one asking whether it's something you really want to do, but you're not alone, you're not wrong for asking hard questions, and you're not selfish for counting the cost before jumping in. In fact, we would be far better off as a society if more people were thinking this way.


Perhaps you have spent years or decades building a career that you love and are afraid becoming a parent will derail your progress. Can you juggle a career and parenthood? Will it feel like family is a distraction from your professional goals?

Maybe you didn't have the best upbringing and you worry you might not be a very good parent, or are afraid the work required to be the kind of parent you would like to be will require too much from you (not to mention how expensive it is). You're not sure you want to give up the life you've built for yourself. Does that make you a bad person?

What about the environment and all of the dire social factors that seem inhospitable to a child. Is it moral to bring a child into these kinds of circumstances?

Or, maybe you want a child but haven't found a partner? Becoming a single-parent-by-choice is a big step that requires serious consideration. Do you have what it takes to do this alone?

You may also be struggling with infertility and questioning whether the effort and expense to conceive is worth it. Would you regret it if you stopped trying?

This is a safe space to explore whether becoming a parent is the right choice for you. There are no wrong answers to these questions. There is only what is right for you after you've sorted through all of the fears, doubts, and hesitations that cloud this decision.

I've spent most of my career working with young families through the transition to parenthood. I am acquainted will all kinds of struggles from pre-conception through empty-nesting and have a particular interest in the identity changes that occur when you have a child. I know what it takes to raise children and I won't hold back on the highs and lows. I will ask the hard questions and help you pull back social pressure and get to the bottom of your fears so you can make a choice based on your values.

Let's Get Started!


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