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Increase self-understanding, process grief, and exploring meaning in the midst of change.

Therapy for Times of Transition

When all of a sudden everything is different...

Liminal space is the uncertain and murky transition between who you have been and who you are becoming. There are certain obvious rites of passage like getting married, becoming a parent, or empty-nesting, but there are so many other threshold moments where a person's identity can shift including divorce, death of a loved one, illness, career changes, coming out of the closet, or religious deconstruction.

In these times, the ways we have approached the world stop working for us as effectively and we're left scrambling to find some footing to stand on. It's hard to find someone who really gets what you're going through. It can be terrifying and lonely. Whether you have chosen this transition or it has been imposed upon you, grief and confusion are a natural part of the process as you discover who you want to become. These changes are an invitation to reconnect with yourself and to shrug off the ways of being that haven't been working for you.

You're not in this alone! Together we'll explore who you are without this aspect former identity, discover the meaning you are making from your circumstances, process grief, anger, and other emotions your are experiencing, and challenge unhelpful beliefs that complicate how you respond to circumstances and the people in your life. By reconnecting with yourself, you'll create an opportunity for intention about how you want to move forward.  You'll discover your true self, increase your sense of self-compassion, and make choices that feel authentic and life-giving. 

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