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About Dana

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I am a lifelong learner and feel that I am always in the process of growth and discovery. Before becoming a therapist, I worked as a birth doula for 15 years supporting couples through childbirth and the postpartum adjustment. As a doula, I trained under Pam England to support healing from birth trauma. Working with these clients helped me realize my passion for emotional healing and started me on my journey to becoming a therapist. This is my life's calling.

I view myself as a guide to support your healing journey. While I incorporate a variety of modalities and techniques in my work, at the core I am depth oriented and seek to increase conscious awareness of the inner life, no matter what problems bring you into therapy.

I earned my Master of Science Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s University and am currently an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#134774) and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (#12190). I trained in psychodynamic therapy with the Maple Counseling Center. My EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy training is through The Institute for Creative Mindfulness. I am Emotion Focused Therapy trained and practice EFT couples therapy. I am currently working under the supervision of Nathaniel Flatt, LMFT (Lic#115126) and I see clients in person in Los Angeles, near The Grove and via telehealth throughout California.

I am inclusive, affirming, and committed to cultural humility.


Let’s Work Together

7257 Beverly Blvd., Suite 106

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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