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Image by Jay Mantri


Thought Evaluation

A tool to examine unhelpful thoughts and explore their impact on your behavior.

Postpartum Self-Care Planner

A guide to help you think through the various challenges and resources you'll have postpartum.

Postpartum Self-Care Checklist

A daily checklist to make sure you're doing the very basics of self-care.

Parts Check-In

A journal prompt to help you increase awareness of your parts.

Postpartum Self-Care Ideas

A handy list of suggestions for self-care when you're overwhelmed.

Birth Trauma Counseling

For individuals and couples to move past a difficult birth experience.

Postpartum Sleep Plan

A guide to create intention around sleep and support after the baby is born.

Traveling Therapy Services

In-home, In-office, and walking or hiking therapy for those who can't get away.

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