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For couples of all types that want to heal wounds in the relationship and increase communication, empathy, and a sense of true partnership.

Couples Therapy

How I can help...

When we fall in love, we can’t possibly know all the problems we will have to navigate with our partner. They can range from small annoyances, like leaving hair in the sink, to more important matters, like differences in parenting views, to more critical matters of compatibility or infidelity. No matter the size of the problem, these issues can create distance over time. At some point in every relationship, a couple will need help working through relationship challenges and increasing effective communication so that you can increase your sense of partnership and connection. Additionally, unexpected life events can rock the foundation of a relationship and it can be necessary to seek guidance about how to move forward and if moving forward together is possible. I congratulate you for seeking help to navigate the hurdles you are facing.

Couples therapy is like a laboratory, where we slow things down and exercise curiosity. Often there is a lot of hurt underneath the usual squabbles that arise in a relationship. Sometimes these are relationship-specific, but often they tap into wounds from our family of origin and how we learned to cope with them. I use Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)  with couples to help each partner identify their core needs and learn to communicate with each other empathetically. Each partner will be required to look inward and examine their needs and behaviors, and each partner will be required to look outward to their partner to listen and extend empathy and support. The result is a restored sense of partnership and connection.


I am inclusive and affirming and support all types of partnerships.

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